Movie: April Snow


This is a famous Korean movie(but I really got to know about it while casually browsing for some good Korean Drama genre) and the actor Bae Yong Jun is one of the famous and the most liked actor in Korea as per the websites…

What I felt about this movie… After reading the plot I realised I am going to watch a movie trying to imitate Wong Kar Wai’s ‘In the mood for Love’ and yes it is kind of same but different in the own way of film making… One thing that I found common between the 2 films is that they have very less dialogues between the main lead roles and the climax is left upto to the audience to decide what the director meant to say… This movie has very less BG music which makes it a very silent and a slow paced Drama…

This is the 2nd movie in which I didn’t feel furious while watching an illicit relationship justified on the screen…

Worth watching if you like the self-explore type of climax in a slow paced, less dialogue drama…


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