Movie: A moment to remember


It is a Korean film which is again a Romantic Drama and the best of its kind…

Did I say romantic? huh, yes, it is really romantic… It was like reading a Ramanichandran Novel where everything about love would be perfect but the ending is definitely not a RC type(which is always ‘they lived happily ever after’).

Good screenplay and very good actors. Sometimes I feel that the best movies lack good actors but in this movie, I felt that the lead actors are really perfect…

I watched this movie just by reading some comment in youtube mentioning about the actress’s performance in this film and so this is one of those foreign language movies that I watched without reading the storyline and I was not sure what was waiting for me… After watching a few mins, I thought that I have picked a Chick flick by mistake but it is more than that… Not sure if I will be able to come out of the mood it has created… I feel like a Zombie now…

Again, I can recommend it only if you like watching or planning to watch a tragedy romantic Drama…


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