The first birthday cake in my baking experience


I accepted to bake a birthday cake for a friend’s son because I am quite known for my interest in baking. Since I bother my friends to try my cakes, she might have decided to put a Dot to my baking(I guess so) and asked me to do a B’day cake for her son. The request was made on Monday and guess what… I lost my sleep the whole week till I actually started doing it on Friday…

Baking is so much fun for me than the other normal cooking. I do it all the time with different recipes. Since I try different recipes every time, I cannot redo or recall the recipe that I used the last time. So when my husband or my friends ask me to bake a similar cake/brownie/tart, I can never redo it with the same taste 😉

With this qualification, I started to bake the cake on Thursday night and I thought I did it successfully after seeing the cake’s top layer… So I kept it aside and prepared the icing mixture for drawing a small design on the soft sponge cake which they were planning to cut in his play group on Friday morning. I did it again… Yes, when I am given or asked to do something for the first time, I always do something wrong and get into a big trouble and it happened this time too… I started to put the icing mix in the cone and when I took it out of the fridge at 10:30 in the night, I realised that the mix was too runny and so I had to put it back in the fridge and use it only the next day morning… It was the same in the morning too but I managed to do some design with it. The Cake looked wet because it is a ready made sponge cake without frost on it…

After finishing one small test, I took the cake base that I made on Thursday to apply frost on it and found the cake was overcooked and burnt in the bottom… This has never happened to me in my baking experience and I always used to appreciate myself for that but this time on the big day of some kid’s life, I burnt his b’day cake 😦 I had something to blame for this and that is the new baking pan… So I took my regular baking pan out and prepared the cake batter and quickly made a cake base and after cooling it, applied the first choc fudge layer and after it was set I applied the second layer and the mom of the b’day boy arrived and we were chatting while I was doing the icing…


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