Movie and Life


I watched quite a lot of movies today and I know that people would be wondering what I do with Midhvan when I watch movies…

Nodame Cantabile, a Japanese serial, was one of the recent film which I managed to watch more than 2 times… It was a total surprise for me… This is not a movie but a serial  and I could still remember every scene from the film most notably, the music… I have watched it atleast 2 times and some episodes for even 3-4 times…

I watched about 100 films, a month before my marriage thinking that I would never watch movies in my life after that…yes, I forgot half the movies that I watched 😉 especially the film ‘The shining’ which was my favourite during that time, a movie that scared me completely and took my breath away…May be, I am going through a similar phase now…

Yesterday my hubby was asking me to name the movies that I watched yesterday and day before yesterday and the day before that and he asked me to tell a line about the story, wondering if I could remember them all or not). Guess what, I couldn’t remember the one that I watched 3 days back… I should accept the fact that I forget the story lines easily and that is the reason why I keep watching a lot of movies and I don’t like spoilers for films as that would spoil the mood for someone who is a movie buff like me who like to watch them again and again but I can never forget the movies that touched me so much especially the films that were totally unexpected…


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