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Thank you Australia – Day 2


You gave me so much in life and taught me how to take life slowly and peacefully. I have always felt that my mind runs like a train, noisy, fast and furious. You taught me how to control it and live peacefully. This is where I learnt that people can live a calm and quiet life but still can be happy… The surrounding is so soothing that even when my mind was working non-stop, I felt that I was surrounded by vaccum. It took me quiet some time to learn to live with it but the important thing is, I have learnt to live life in that way. I learnt to choose the people who can enter my life and who can influence my life and now I have to make sure to follow the same. I learnt not to expect anything in life but live it the way it comes.


Thank you Australia – Day 1


Australia, you gave me so much confidence in life which made me face so many things comfortably later… When everyone whom I knew were travelling to USA and Europe, I was little reluctant and frightened to travel to the other side of the world… The first all alone international flight journey with a 5 month old baby is really a nightmare especially when I know very less about the destination and transit country on this side of the world, but you gave me so much confidence and I felt like a princess when I landed here…

Short Film: The Hand (Wong Kar Wai)


Is this a erotic movie? Definitely No… The movie is again about human emotions like any other Wong Kar Wai movie. What can we expect in a WKW movie? Great screenplay, cinematography, BG score and characterization? Yes, we can enjoy all of them in this movie with the beautiful Gong Li and handsome Chen Chang (I think he is another WKW’s preferred actor). I would have definitely loved it if I would have watched it before ‘In the mood for Love’. Chen Chang’s acting also somehow reminds me of Tony Leung’s acting in ITMFL. I felt Gong Li graced the screen with her wonderful acting and she definitely fits in any role that she takes. I watched it this time for her acting and not for Wong Kar Wai though I am a crazy fan of the later…

Movie: No Mercy


It is not just the movie but we will also have agonizing pain after watching it. I hate to watch movies with such intense storyline. It didn’t create an impact like ‘Oldboy’ may be because I watched Oldboy first. I read somewhere that the Tamil movie ‘Yudham Sei’ was remade from this movie but it is not true, both the movies are about agonizing pain but the story is different.

If you are fanatical about thriller and crime movies then this movie and Oldboy should definitely be in your list. I am pretty sure that in India we will never make movies with such complex characters as all the social activists will be against it, I don’t know how they manage to make such films in Korea. For me, Yudham Sei was good enough to keep me scared of anything and everything and I find it as the limit nowadays though I used to watch many thrillers before my parenthood.

Movie: Harmony


This is one of those movies that will bring tears and smile together. It is a beautiful movie with a lot of characters and all of them at their best. I remembered my singing class lessons when I was watching this movie. My teacher used to give the same type of comments when I sing and she even suggested me not to take singing as a profession for the sake of the audience 😉

The baby in the movie is so adorable… I am sure I will not re-watch this movie again in my life even if I forget the storyline. The movie is all about the female jail prisoners and their struggle to keep themselves happy… It taught me to be very careful when I become short-tempered because women make the worst mistakes when they lose their temper….


Target for Olympics



The profile of India in Olympics 2012 shows that we are not really a developing country in the field of Sports. Isn’t it embarrassing to see that the total medal we have won so far is much less than the gold medals won by some of the countries in this Olympics. It is high time that we should set a goal for our kids to excel in sports not just one but two(except Cricket, as all Indians, even my late Granny knew everything about Cricket and so it is not necessary to teach our kids how to play Cricket as it is inborn with them).

It is too much to ask for a champion from every family now, but we can at least make sure that our kids know 2 games perfectly and can play it as per the game rules. Let us make sure that we give them enough coaching to excel in sports and not stop them from achieving in sports due to monetary reasons. We can now produce ‘n’ number of engineers but how many sportsman have we given to our Country.

There was a time when we used to tell our kids that we cannot send them to sports coaching as it won’t bring them enough money. Let us not think of sports as money but as a Pride that we are going to cultivate in our kids. We now know how to make money, thanks to Globalization, so we can spend those money at least some part of it for giving enough coaching to our kids. If we start training them now, 20 years later we can definitely make them win more Gold medals as I have confidence in Indian parents, we make everything competitive when it comes to our kids performance 😉


Movie: Frivolous Wife


It is true that most girls want to marry a prince charming and in most of the romantic movie they never captured what happens later on but in this movie the female lead marries a real prince from an authoritative family and the remaining story is about how she adjusts in that family… It is funny and cheerful and I loved it…

Korean movies


I watched a few films in the last 2 days and they are all slow paced romantic drama… Il Mare, Daddy long legs and The Recipe… These 3 movies are not just romantic movies but they are much more…  The South Korean movies are so stupefying that they break all the assumptions we have while reading the story lines. I have read the story lines for most of the movies that I watched and only 1 or 2 are the same as the story line but the rest of them are all stunning either in the way they are made or in the performances…

These 3 movies are a must watch for their storyline and the performances… Il mare was remade as The Lake House in Hollywood but the Hollywood movie is nowhere near the Korean movie both in performance and style…