Movie: No Mercy


It is not just the movie but we will also have agonizing pain after watching it. I hate to watch movies with such intense storyline. It didn’t create an impact like ‘Oldboy’ may be because I watched Oldboy first. I read somewhere that the Tamil movie ‘Yudham Sei’ was remade from this movie but it is not true, both the movies are about agonizing pain but the story is different.

If you are fanatical about thriller and crime movies then this movie and Oldboy should definitely be in your list. I am pretty sure that in India we will never make movies with such complex characters as all the social activists will be against it, I don’t know how they manage to make such films in Korea. For me, Yudham Sei was good enough to keep me scared of anything and everything and I find it as the limit nowadays though I used to watch many thrillers before my parenthood.


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