Love Rain


If you have not watched this drama, then you are missing some real cute entertainment… If I say that it is worth watching for Jang Keun Suk’s acting then it is not because I am a fan and so am recommending this drama but it is true that he has put in some real hard work trying to make all the 20 episodes of the drama to be interesting. Yoona has also done a great job trying to look very cute and she has really competed with JKS in all the scenes.


In a drama with emotional storyline where the same lead actors have to portray the characters from different time period, it is essential that they should understand that the episodes will be really predictable and every scene will be easily judged by the audience. I think they have understood this and have put a great effort to make every episode of the drama to be fresh and admirable.


Let’s not compare this drama with the movie ‘The Classic’ (2003) though it is true that the storyline is the same as the movie with only small changes. One reason why I didn’t like the movie was, it was very slow and the actors, be it Son Ye Jin or Jo Seung Woo didn’t perform so very well compared to the lead actors in the drama. Still I will accept that the drama team had a sample in front of them and they tried to polish the lead characters and for the lead actors too, they had a chance to see what is bad in the movie and what could be done to make it more interesting to get an emotional feel…

The locations, cinematography and the OST would really make us incline towards the drama despite of the known storyline… The lead actors costumes and make overs should also be mentioned here… I think JKS is the only guy in the world who could look cute in eye liners,crazy hairstyles and costumes… Yoona is also like a real doll and I am sure any guy would fall for a cute girl like her…


I felt that even though Boys over Flowers had the real flower boys of Korea in the cast listing, it did miss something in the drama which made me yawn and skip some scenes(I won’t say that I didn’t skip any scenes in Love Rain) and I can never accept it as a romantic drama but can categorize it as a ‘Flower boys’ drama but Love Rain is truly romantic so watch it without expecting much because the first few episodes might be really boring if you are new to Korean dramas and to Korean culture but still those episodes are the most important for us to enjoy the later episodes.

If you want to watch a romantic love story then be ready to get completely drenched in this Love Rain…


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