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Why Black and White?

Why Black and White?

Him & Her – when he met her after many years, her look shocked him and made him speak to her for the first time and this is all that he asked her, “Why black and white when you can be bright”

MbyM white tee
$41 –

New Look petite long black skirt
$7.86 –

Gladiator shoes

Black crossbody purse
$22 –

Miss. Green Forest

Miss. Green Forest

Him & Her – She is waiting for him while having lunch at her friend’s birthday party

Black and White Checkers

Black and White Checkers

Him & Her – she loves getting dressed in black and white with smoky eye make-up

Purple pride


This look was created based on the comments that I got for my previous post”Ideas needed“. Even though I created this look, I feel like I can’t go for this combination for my top which has more blackish purple shade in it but yes, once I buy my white pant, I would definitely try this look.

Purple pride

Him & Her – she has found a style for her purple top… Time to do some shopping with him…

Delpozo cream pants

Manolo Blahnik strap pumps

Stella mccartney purse
$1,355 –

Silver chain necklace

Linen couch

Patterned throw pillow

Pinky Party

Pinky Party

Him & Her – She is waiting for him while having lunch at her friend’s birthday party

RED Valentino white dress
$575 –

Dolce Gabbana pink purse
$2,110 –

GINETTE NY fine jewelry


Guerlain eyeshadow

Clarins lipstick

Clinique blush
$32 –

LSA International tiered cake stand
$75 –

Wall art

Morning Autumn Perfume

Morning Autumn Perfume

Him & Her – she is at a parfumerie with him

Temperley London pink top
$805 –

Uniqlo turtle neck sweater
$49 –

Tommy Hilfiger skinny leg jeans
$140 –

Tony Mora round toe cowboy boots
$490 –

Hermès hermes purse

Chanel engraved jewelry

Jimmy choo eyewear

Another part of their life

Another part of their life

Him & Her – she is starting another part of her life with him so she can be more close with him…

Angel of peace

Angel of peace

Him & Her – she is loved by him for her peaceful look…

Jovonna color block dress
$125 –

Aurélie Bidermann vintage earrings
$495 –

Heart jewelry
$41 –

Urban Decay glitter eyeshadow
$61 –

Charlotte Tilbury nude lipstick