How did this happen???


After the dental surgery, my India trip dreams were completely turned OFF.
No shopping, no eating and no sight seeing. Due to my surgery, my Nagercoil trip got cancelled; thanks to me, my husband got to be near his mom during her eye surgery. More than a Diwali trip, this turned out to be a Medical trip now but yes, I think I kept telling myself that it is a joyful Diwali trip, denying the truth that it is more of a hectic trip that is going to toss my confidence and courage. If I would have accepted the fact then I would have cancelled the trip or would have shortened the trip.

The excitement that was running like a bullet train in my head, when the tickets were booked 4 months back, slowed down like a passenger train on the day before I started from Sydney. My 3 week holiday was completely booked with medical appointments, family visits and temple visits before I left Sydney.

I managed to visit only one temple out of the 7 temples that we planned to visit in this trip. A visit to meet some of the lovely relatives in Nagercoil is cancelled. A visit to Gangaikonda chola puram and Tanjore temple is also now cancelled. Rajendra chola and Raja Raja chola, the 2 great kings of South India, when would I ever get to see the 2 great temples that you built during your rule.


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