Silk sarees in Chennai


To buy a good silk saree we need a good salesman. To get a good salesman we have to be at the right shop at the right time. Today I visited a few saree shops in the city’s main shopping hub, T. Nagar to buy silk sarees but only a few shops were really good other shops really don’t care about what we ask and they right away tell us that they don’t have what we ask for. One salesperson in a famous shop said, “Madam, it takes about 40 to 50 days to weave a silk saree and you cannot expect all the combinations in Handloom sarees”. Asking for a specific Colour combination is considered like a sin. One of the most advertised shop for silk saree don’t care about what the customers are looking for instead they were busy in always counting and arranging the sarees as per the price range.


At Kumaran silks



Nalli silks



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