Yes, things go wrong and we always adapt to it


Five years back when I entered the operation theatre to deliver my son through C-section, I was convinced by everyone that the doctor who is going to perform the surgery has 40 years experience and has done more than 4000 C-sections. I was normal when I was taken out of the OT but I fell sick immediately after the C-section and got wheezing the same night within 3 hrs. I was treated for wheezing and the next day morning my temperature rised too high and the same day night I lost my consciousness and couldn’t verbalize my thoughts and started developing pneumonia. I had to take a high dose injection to bring down my temperature and my uncle rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night to treat me psychologically. I was sick for 15 days with pneumonia and severe cough. Even five years later, I feel things are not normal in the operated area. When I checked with all my friends and family who had a C-section they say that they feel normal but it is only me who get cramps when I try to bend down and wear shoes or when I sit and fold my legs to wear shoes. I learnt to live with it and am adapting to this body condition.

Now it is the dental. I know that I will adapt to this condition soon but things are not going to be the same again. I already feel like I went through a cosmetic surgery due to the swelling and the stitches which has changed my jaw movements.


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