Diwali 2014


Diwali is not just a Hindu festival but it is most likely a festival of Indians. When I’m in Australia, Christmas is very special and everywhere we can feel that Christmas will be there soon, we would get the same feeling in India when it’s Diwali festival time.

I had a great time this year on Diwali, doing shopping in the non-crowded stores, driving in the non- crowded roads, eating good home made food and South Indian style traditional Diwali sweets like Murukku, Adhirasam, Rava laddu, Maa Laddu, Paniyaram and last but not the least, Mundhiri Kothu (this is mainly a Tirunelveli sweet and my parents being from Tirunelveli and Tiruchendur background is the very reason why this sweet always makes it in the sweet menu at our home). Apart from these the sweetest North Indian style sweets were also there. Lots of Idlis, Mutton Kuruma, Chicken Biriyani, I felt like Mayabazar Rangarao. I don’t know when I would again have an opportunity to eat all these items in one single day, yes, I have already booked my appointment with the dentist for Friday morning before I start to Sydney. Fired lots of crackers too and looked at lots of silk sarees until my eyes became tired and begged me to step out of the shop.






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