Do you have a home? Your life is complete(Dot)


It was a Friday evening and I was having dinner with my husband and my kid was watching television. I suddenly became emotional and told my husband that I am so happy to be in this place at this time. He might have thought that I have become a weirdo and gave me a puzzled look. Whatever, I felt that being able to stay at home on a Friday and Sunday night with family and having dinner together made my life complete.

4 years back when my husband was in Australia and while I was living in India in Bangalore and my kid in Chennai, I used to travel all Friday nights from Bangalore to Chennai and Sunday nights from Chennai to Bangalore, that is almost all the weekends for 2 yrs. I have traveled in trains and buses in all classes and sometimes even with a open ticket without having a confirmed journey till the moment I find a vacant seat in the bus/train. I have paid Rs.350 for Auto in Bangalore and Chennai for just travelling less than a km to catch my weekend trains and buses. I have traveled during all major festival eve just to have that satisfaction of staying with family on the festival day. A woman travelling in the night all by herself is a very very risky thing to do in India especially if it is every weekend when everyone in the street knows that I will step out of my house at so and so time to catch the train/bus.

I know what it means to have a home where you can relax in the weekend when your whole body and mind needs rest after the weekday work and stress at office. At that time, it was a luxury that I couldn’t afford and that is when I completely understood how precious a family is, a home is.

Sometimes my friends and family think that I am too lazy to step out of my house or leave my husband/kid/family, yes, I don’t step out of home not because I am lazy but I prefer to live in my home looking at my family members more than anything else. It would be difficult to understand this feeling when you haven’t experienced what I experienced in my life in those 2 years.

If you have a home (not a house) then it means your life is complete. Never leave your home when you haven’t made or found another.


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