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Russian leaf earrings


Those who have been following my blog would know that this is my third post for these Russian leaf pattern. What made me adore this pattern, is it the word ‘Russian’ as I admired anything and everything about Russia. May be it all started when I first read in my science book about ‘Sputnik’, ‘Laika’, ‘Yuri Gagarin’, ‘Valentina Tereshkova’, ‘Vladivostok’, ‘Moscow’. For some reason I couldn’t forget these names since then and I think it is the same attraction that made me to finish this pattern despite of the flu and the severe head ache. I had only one delica bead that too in a colour that compliments the name of the pattern and here is the finished piece.




Russian Leaves earrings- In the making


I thought it is really hard to make this design but it is pretty easy and works well only if the beads are perfect and are of equal size. I was a little worried when I had to pay a lot for these beads (which is almost the same price that I pay for 100 gms of Chinese seed beads) but these beads are no joke and are made of equal size, more precise for stitching such designs which are a bit tricky.
(Inspired from Jill Wiseman’s tutorial)


Falling in love with seed beads


It has been an amazing journey during the last 6 months. I have been falling in love again and again. I have never loved anything as much as these seed beads that were delivered recently. The cute beads that I have been receiving from overseas for the last 6 months were always happy moments and the latest addition to this collection is my seed beads, the perfect shaped and sized seed beads. They are just making my bead stitches look flawless by fitting on each rows perfectly.


Outcome of Anger, frustration and depression – Crochet mat


It has become a practise nowadays to do some creative art whenever people hurt or threaten me. This crochet piece is one such outcome. I felt more relaxed and was more happy the way it turned out to be a useful thing. I threw away my anger and depression in each stitch and was happy when I finished the crochet pattern. I felt it’s pretty awesome and taught myself a lot of lessons while doing every single stitch.

“Remember my dear people, threatening other people is a bad thing and it shows that you are a weak person”. I told this to myself, may be a few hundred thousand times while crocheting this piece.