Japan -Day1


From Haneda airport to Tokeichiba to brother-in-law’s house. Yes, we are staying at my bro-in-law’s place. It is a little far from Tokyo like almost equal distance from Sydney airport to Penrith.

We wanted to get used to the train and bus so we took a bus to Shin-Yokohoma and then a JR train to Tokeichiba and a taxi to home. A real local Japan suburban locality and a super typical 3 bedroom Japanese home with ceilings of less height (really nice with wooden and mat carpeted home). 

First we headed to Kamakura… Trains and buses are almost similar to Sydney except the lining up at the train station forming a proper ‘Q’ and the interval between each trains…

At Kamakura station…

Kannon Shrine at Hase…

Enoshima, a cute little island…


Where there is a will, there is a way…

Lovely small train routes with houses on both sides with tiny teeny gardens and farms on the sides… Every garden looks like a Bonsai garden to me…


Enoshima electric railway…

And we can walk in between the train tracks… See the road crossing the train track in the below photo.

All the shops that we saw were like fairy tale like shops selling the smallest sized tea pot, souvenirs, Buddha and Kannon statues, a lot of local delicacies and ice creams in super different flavours…

Finally ended the trip with slight drizzles.


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