Japan -Day 4


Universal Studios…

Everything is so well organized and well done.

When the gates opened, all the young school kids and teenagers started running crazy and their final destination was the Harry Potter Hogwards ride…150 mins average wait time within 15 mins after opening the gates.

Smile is the one common thing I saw on all the staff’s face today. I didn’t see anyone without a smile for even a fraction of a second irrespective of the scorching weather. Beauty was everywhere in the form of cute Japanese women. I never felt that I am not girly enough but, Japan, the women in your country are so pretty and girly with frilled socks and cute shoes even in a theme park. I wish I could have carried a empty suitcase just to buy ladies socks, shoes, bags and Umbrellas (but I’ll look funny with those in Australia).

Don’t forget to collect the show timetable and the studio map in English at the entrance of the studios. The English map and brochures are at the gates only so collect them without fail else it will be hard to understand the Japanese version studios guide brochure.

If you are staying for the end of day parade then make sure you go to the tax refund for the items that you have bought before the parade. Once the parade is over, the tax refund office will also close in 5 minutes as it will be very crowded and for 2 day pass holders remember to get your tax refund on the same day of the purchase else you won’t be eligible to claim it.

Don’t miss the day and night parade. It is worth all the wait and money (atleast for the kids).

We were so tired that I fell sick at the end of the day and I still had one more day in USJ.

15th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan….

The ride which the kids were running crazy for is at this castle… Harry Potter…

Cute girls wearing cute shoes at the Studios…

Great and good looking shoes will take you to great places… (May be…)

End of day parade…


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