Live YOUR life not others…


Hard-earned success should be enjoyed but sometimes we do not have enough time to even live that moment and we start thinking about the next mountain to climb.
Every individual has a reason to live and every one has a unique characteristic and specialty.
My mom always used to say that even a small grass which people step on, sometimes have medicinal qualities so do not ever under-estimate yourselves. If you can’t do this, you may be better in doing something else. Never compare yourself with anything/anyone else.

This is the biggest lesson I taught my son who showed signs of his first fear about life during our Japan trip. This trip taught him a lot and taught me how to handle the fears of that tender mind and bring back confidence.
Never ever compare yourself with others and never think of anyone as your competition because you will never know when one of you would change path and exit out of that and when it happens the other person who stays in the competition would feel that his/her life has become totally useless all of a sudden with no competition. 
It is the biggest damage we would cause to ourself and if it is us it applies to our kids as well.
I think all kids and adults should travel a lot especially to a unfamiliar environment and culture and it will teach us a lot.


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