Awesome Tamil Movies – Ep:1


I thought I should write about the Tamil movies that I liked and this is a result of that. I first wrote about this in my FB page but then I thought I should actually write a blog instead of a FB post.

The movies that I am writing here are not in any order and I won’t say that these are the only best movies, but these are the movies that I enjoyed the most and watch them again and again any time.

There are certain movies which can never be remade and ‘Kannathil Muthamittaal’ is one such movie. The exact English title for this movie is ‘A peck on the cheek’ but I would say that the person literally translated the Tamil words without understanding the full meaning of this movie. It can also mean that, ‘She(Here the she denotes all the 3 female leads) gave a peck on the cheek’ even though the ‘Muttamittal’ has a small Tamil ‘il’ at the end. The 3 leads here are Nandita Das, Simran and Keerthana. I strongly recommend this movie to all who ask me which is the best Tamil Movie that they can watch… This movie has romance, kids and fun, war and more than all some great acting.

This scene and a few minutes following this scene in the movie makes this movie really special to me.
You can’t stop thinking about those 3 women and what goes on in their mind. The shot where Nandita breaks and hugs her daughter, The shot when Keerthana calls Nandita as ‘mom’, even though the camera 🎥 focus on Nandita, if we see the dull Simran’s image in the background, it will break our heart too. (the feeling of a mom who sees her daughter calling her real mom as mom)… Finally the winner here is Keerthana, when she slowly brings tears and closes the paper and finally when she hugs Simran and kisses her while realising what a great mom she has been to her all these days…

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