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Leura – A Garden Village



Leura is pretty famous among the Blue Mountain residents who consider this village as the most beautiful place in the mountains, yes it is famous than Katoomba. We were planning to visit this place for a while and finally decided to drive around today as the temperature was forecasted to be really warm (12° C). An hour drive from home in the Great Western Highway through some of the beautiful mountain suburbs. There were only a few places marked in the websites as a must see places in Leura but since it is only few minutes away from Katoomba, we have a plenty of lookouts in this village.

We visited the Olympian Rock Lookout near the Toy & Rail museum, Gordon Falls Lookout, the famous shops in Leura like Ainsley fine jewellery, Leura fine Woodwork gallery, Moontree Scented candle shop and a hot fresh baked pie for lunch… You can never imagine walking in this town at this time of the year with no jackets but today was a warm day so we managed it. We have to note that around this time last year it was snowing in these regions.


Renommee – A recycled designer clothing shop with a beautiful Quilt shop in the same campus


Bakehouse on Wentworth – They serve yummy hot pies, coffee, cakes and special sourdough bread…

Ainsley Fine Jewellery – Their Amber collection is from Holland and indeed very beautiful.

Olympian Rock Lookout:


The craft  markets, vintage shops and boutique shops sell a lot of beautiful handmade jewellery and warm winter clothing…




Terracotta Necklace and earring set


This is a special custom made set, not made by me but was made for me. Special thanks to Kee Krafty Korner for making this adorable set for me.

Here is the link to the artists page where a better version of the photograph is posted.


Jade, not the Emperor


Jade, the gemstone, is elegant, cute, cool but not icy like agate.While writing this, this stone has already turned into a pendant for a statement piece. Another piece of jewellery made to relieve stress. Agates stones were used for stringing this necklace and the Jade was used for the pendant. The Saree is a pure silk saree from Kumaran Silks,Chennai,India.

The highlights of this piece is nothing but the Jade itself because while making the necklace myself, I noticed that it was still missing a component to reach that so called level, ‘statement piece’ so I reached my bead stash again and found that this Jade would fit into it and if not, since it was connected separately, it is easy to remove it and change to another pendant.

Just like the greatest of the three pure divine gods, the Jade Emperor, this Jade gemstone pendant makes this a unique piece.  



Work place


Just digging through my stash of beads today and found these bean shaped beads which I found online some time back. This one was a quickly made earring for another sweater to be worn tomorrow for work.


Ocean Jasper earrings

And since many have already asked me where I work (with the beads), I decided to post my work table at home for jewellery making, sewing and crafts.


Beading table


Orange marmalade earring


I made these last night for the bright orange turtle-neck sweater that I have. The hoops were very thin that I couldn’t fit it into the lock after filling with the beads and I even bent the hoop a bit (see the left one on the image). It was so bad that I used a trick to keep it intact.

I just glued the tips of the open end and inserted into the hoop lock and it was finished 👏 sometimes my brain thinks way beyond what I think, I am capable of. Guess what, the jump ring that I used to hang my orange glass pearl was stuck to the hoop in this process and now it is not moving too 😳  

Orange hoop earrings

Orange marmalade earrings

Charms and earrings


Hurray… I am now ready to explore more designs and styles and patterns after all the positive comments I got from you guys. I am not a sales person trying to do marketing to sell my stuff but all those positive comments really inspire me to try more.


Semi-precious gemstones


These ones are very heavy semi-precious gemstone beads, one of the most expensive ones in my collection. A necklace would be the choice by many artists for the investment but I felt that I should try something simple in earrings at an affordable price with such precious beauties.

Princess series:




Ceramic beads earrings


Ceramic beads are normally used for making bracelets and necklaces as they have really big threading holes especially the hand painted beads make a good add-on to any statement pieces. It is very rare to make an earring with them and here are a few trials.

Ceramic hand-painted beads:




Handmade earrings – Fun and work


I have been busy doing a few things for the last few months and one of them is hunting for gemstones and semi-precious stones… 

Some collections that I did for an event this week…

These earrings are made with beads, crystals, stones and pearls from India. I learnt a lot while researching about beads and fashion.

Rajput Princess series:







Tribal beads


A random combination of beads… 

I still remember how as a kid I wanted to play with beads at grandma’s place. My mum and aunts used to weave with beads and I was not allowed to touch them as mum was afraid that I might loose my concentration on studies if I’m into beading. I think she was correct because I just forget the time whenever I see these cute little beads. To me time actually stops when I’m playing with beads and making jewellery or craft.