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Live YOUR life not others…


Hard-earned success should be enjoyed but sometimes we do not have enough time to even live that moment and we start thinking about the next mountain to climb.
Every individual has a reason to live and every one has a unique characteristic and specialty.
My mom always used to say that even a small grass which people step on, sometimes have medicinal qualities so do not ever under-estimate yourselves. If you can’t do this, you may be better in doing something else. Never compare yourself with anything/anyone else.

This is the biggest lesson I taught my son who showed signs of his first fear about life during our Japan trip. This trip taught him a lot and taught me how to handle the fears of that tender mind and bring back confidence.
Never ever compare yourself with others and never think of anyone as your competition because you will never know when one of you would change path and exit out of that and when it happens the other person who stays in the competition would feel that his/her life has become totally useless all of a sudden with no competition. 
It is the biggest damage we would cause to ourself and if it is us it applies to our kids as well.
I think all kids and adults should travel a lot especially to a unfamiliar environment and culture and it will teach us a lot.


Stolen ideas and unstolen creativity


Is it really true that attempting to do something on your own will make you realise the qualities you never knew you had!!I feel anxious but excited at the same time…

I feel anxious when my ideas get stolen but excited when I knew that the creative world that I have built in me could never be stolen and I don’t work for the credits but for passion so I feel really funny when people think that they understood what is in my mind when I knew that they got it completely wrong.

Found art and Love


(This is not a scientific post but a short analysis on how Art help to develop Love.)

I have always been in touch with the art and craft ever since I saw my dad paint a scenic drawing on the egg shells. I have also been a collector who likes to collect any thing. I first liked to collect stationary and it is still a habit even after I grew up. I then learnt crochet, sewing and embroidery in school. I continued with crochet ever after. Then I was possessed by the beautiful art forms like Drawing and Mehndi and then I started collecting cute little things like stones, shells and crystals and once a friend asked me if I am going to be a Shaman as I had some interests in sorcery too. Honestly, I am not a sorcerer or a shaman but I’m an engineer who believes and preaches science.

Now when I turn back and look at the path that I traveled, I feel so proud and lucky to have had an opportunity to do all these. I was never taught any of these art forms and all the knowledge I have about these art forms are through analysis and experiments due to my interests in them.


Granny Square

Recently when I visited Spotlight (the famous craft and fabric store in Australia) I felt that the fabric prices have increased a lot and the yarn and craft supplies are also very expensive. It was not like this before, when I talk to other crafters, knitters and tailors they say that everything was affordable then 10-20 years back and people used to know these art forms and make things at home. When I shared my concerns about how these art forms are diminishing, my colleague said she is more worried about how the ‘Dine art’ is slowing fading away due to take away shops and fast food shops. It is true, like she said, how many of us make a recipe from the scratch. Even beef and chicken stock are available in stores and even sambhar powder is pre-made and packed. I remember mom saying that sambhar powder can never be stored for too long then the flavor and the smell would fade away but they pack and mark the expiry as 1 or 2 years valid.

Having said all these, are we not leaving behind all the great art forms and walking towards a mechanical world. I don’t insist that we don’t have to earn money and sit at home and do crafts and sewing but we should at least learn one art form. It is sad that many of us don’t even know how to sew a button and if we can’t find a tailor to stitch it we throw away those clothes and buy a new one in the next sale. I don’t know if we can find any good tailors in the next 20 years to stitch a salwar suit or a men’s suit.

Isn’t it true that we have forgotten handmade techniques and that is why the stores have started pricing the handmade products as very expensive products. Remember the Italian handmade shoes, Handmade handbags from Paris and handmade jewelry selling in the stores. I don’t blame any of those brands or individuals who sell stuff for such high price anymore because they are some of the last people who are practicing these art forms.

When I was recently driving in the Motorway my son asked me “Mom, what is everything made of?” I answered him that everything is made of ‘Atom’. It doesn’t hold good in all cases but I don’t want to confuse a 5 yr old child with the energy advertised as in ‘up and go’ and the atomic energy levels so just left it simple stating ‘Atom’ is what everything is made of.

After asking about all the non-living things, trees, animals etc, the funny part came next.

“What is water made of?”

“What is air made of?”

“What is mom, dad made of?”

“What is love made of?” – I was bemused by his question and realised that you can never feel like a genius in front of a child and maintained a 2 sec pause which is when my husband came to my help after gazing at me, he just said “It’s made of Atom too but it gets a bit complex here as you need to study more about Atom and energy to know what it does to create Love”. I don’t know what the little fella thought but his face was satisfied and he remained silent.

So why did I say all this, as I said it is not a scientific post but that 2 second pause made me think and examine “What is love made of?” I found an answer to it while sewing the first blanket for my son and my husband. They didn’t want it to be perfect but they liked the fact that I sew that blanket for them. That is ‘Love’. My son said, he would keep it forever and my husband just praised me for sewing it with my hand. I felt so satisfied as if I did a great thing for my family.


Blanket stitch on fleece with crochet cotton thread


Basket weave stitch crochet blanket (In progress)

I saw the same feeling in a colleague’s face recently when she finished her queen sized blanket using knitted squares. She knitted those squares in the train on the way to office and now they are lovely beautiful queen sized blankets used by her family. Who said that full time working women can not do crafts. She is a busy IT developer and a mother of 3 kids and a proud knitter.
I would not like to advice but just want all of us to reconsider our thoughts about learning an art form and not let the sewing, knitting and crocheting art die so that the future generations would look at even a yarn ball or a sewing thread or a spice grinder as a relic.  

Granny square for bedtime toy little Penquin

Outcome of Anger, frustration and depression – Crochet mat


It has become a practise nowadays to do some creative art whenever people hurt or threaten me. This crochet piece is one such outcome. I felt more relaxed and was more happy the way it turned out to be a useful thing. I threw away my anger and depression in each stitch and was happy when I finished the crochet pattern. I felt it’s pretty awesome and taught myself a lot of lessons while doing every single stitch.

“Remember my dear people, threatening other people is a bad thing and it shows that you are a weak person”. I told this to myself, may be a few hundred thousand times while crocheting this piece.



Do you have a home? Your life is complete(Dot)


It was a Friday evening and I was having dinner with my husband and my kid was watching television. I suddenly became emotional and told my husband that I am so happy to be in this place at this time. He might have thought that I have become a weirdo and gave me a puzzled look. Whatever, I felt that being able to stay at home on a Friday and Sunday night with family and having dinner together made my life complete.

4 years back when my husband was in Australia and while I was living in India in Bangalore and my kid in Chennai, I used to travel all Friday nights from Bangalore to Chennai and Sunday nights from Chennai to Bangalore, that is almost all the weekends for 2 yrs. I have traveled in trains and buses in all classes and sometimes even with a open ticket without having a confirmed journey till the moment I find a vacant seat in the bus/train. I have paid Rs.350 for Auto in Bangalore and Chennai for just travelling less than a km to catch my weekend trains and buses. I have traveled during all major festival eve just to have that satisfaction of staying with family on the festival day. A woman travelling in the night all by herself is a very very risky thing to do in India especially if it is every weekend when everyone in the street knows that I will step out of my house at so and so time to catch the train/bus.

I know what it means to have a home where you can relax in the weekend when your whole body and mind needs rest after the weekday work and stress at office. At that time, it was a luxury that I couldn’t afford and that is when I completely understood how precious a family is, a home is.

Sometimes my friends and family think that I am too lazy to step out of my house or leave my husband/kid/family, yes, I don’t step out of home not because I am lazy but I prefer to live in my home looking at my family members more than anything else. It would be difficult to understand this feeling when you haven’t experienced what I experienced in my life in those 2 years.

If you have a home (not a house) then it means your life is complete. Never leave your home when you haven’t made or found another.

A Balakumaran’s fan


I started reading Balakumaran novels when I was 18 and people started asking me if I’m trying to imitate my mom. Honestly, I was not a big fan of Balakumaran until I finished the book ‘Udayar’ but the moment I finished the sixth part of Udayar, I thought that he truly is a great writer and I fell in love with his writings at that moment and glanced through all the novels that I have read already to cherish his writings. I got married and moved to different cities and countries but still Udayar stayed afresh in my memories.


Thank you Australia – Day 2


You gave me so much in life and taught me how to take life slowly and peacefully. I have always felt that my mind runs like a train, noisy, fast and furious. You taught me how to control it and live peacefully. This is where I learnt that people can live a calm and quiet life but still can be happy… The surrounding is so soothing that even when my mind was working non-stop, I felt that I was surrounded by vaccum. It took me quiet some time to learn to live with it but the important thing is, I have learnt to live life in that way. I learnt to choose the people who can enter my life and who can influence my life and now I have to make sure to follow the same. I learnt not to expect anything in life but live it the way it comes.

Thank you Australia – Day 1


Australia, you gave me so much confidence in life which made me face so many things comfortably later… When everyone whom I knew were travelling to USA and Europe, I was little reluctant and frightened to travel to the other side of the world… The first all alone international flight journey with a 5 month old baby is really a nightmare especially when I know very less about the destination and transit country on this side of the world, but you gave me so much confidence and I felt like a princess when I landed here…