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My First Sunday market in Leura


I was very excited when my application to the Leura First Sunday Markets was approved by Di. I have to definitely mention here what a wonderful person she is. Life is sometimes about meeting some great people and she is definitely one such person and definitely the best in writing instructions for the market stall. There were no harsh statements, no commands and no threats in her email. She was so kind and elaborate and very friendly and yes, she tries her best to be timely as well, but I don’t worry even if I don’t get a reply immediately because when she writes me, she really writes very elaborately as if we were sitting opposite each other and chatting about the things that I wanted to ask her. One of the best market event organiser I have interacted with so far. She really reminds me that I should read and write a lot.

When I booked the stall, I thought winter would be soon over and by the first sunday of August, Leura would be really warm and nice. I was definitely wrong because the winter chillness started pretty late this time up in the mountains. I wanted a henna and a handmade jewellery stall as they were both my passion and love. Jewellery, all ticked but when it came to henna, due to the change in my health condition, I was so tired and couldn’t prepare wholesomely for the event but thanks to my husband, I was able to test few of my pre-packed henna cones and some new batches that I mixed few days before the event.

I tried a whole new ‘Winter recipe’ so that anyone including kids can enjoy henna in the chill weather as we all know henna could sometimes cause super cool effect in cold weather due to its ‘cooling’ behaviour. The winter recipe was tested and the colour was very satisfying (see below tests on my hubby where the paste was kept on his hand for only 30 mins and this is the stunning colour after 20 hrs of paste removal).


The day started very early with both hubby and I checking the weather reports and reading one of Di’s detail email where she raised the same concerns but was keeping us calm by giving a lot of positive suggestions and hope. Yes, as we all hoped, by the time the markets started operating we had a slightly warm weather and the 70% rain prediction from 11am got postponed a bit and ended up with a mild hailstorm at 2pm when we started packing our stuff. Not bad!!!

I did henna on few amazing kids and beautiful ladies. I hope they would get good stains and would follow my after care instructions to develop a deeper henna stain.

Before wrapping up the post, I would like to mention about some great vendors in the market…

  1. Paintings by Philip Layzell (An international Award winning artist) –
  2. Fresh Darling – Handmade memo boards and peg bags –
  3. Mountain blue Vintage linen – Amazing Crochet linens and lace linens all handmade in vintage style and a lot of variety – Katoomba Vintage Emporium (59-61 Katoomba Street, Katoomba, NSW 2780)
  4. Sergio Veloso – – He sells handmade beautiful  tote handbags with excellent cloth material with a lining cloth for all the items that he has stitched to give that extra care and protection.
  5. Cardoness Beads & Jewellery – sells gemstones and beading supplies and based in Lithgow at this point of time.

including my stall named ‘Spadiga – Handmade Jewellery and Henna Body Art’

Spadiga – Henna Body Art

Spadiga – Handmade Jewellery