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Have fun with Siri and 2001 A Space Odyssey


I was playing with Siri today with a main dialogue and a main keyword from the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey…














My experience with The Dark Knight Rises


Finally the wait and expectations are over and I felt blissful while watching the movie. It was ecstatic and I was just recalling my life from the day I watched the first part of this trilogy and was wondering what changes and twists my life has taken like some of the characters in it. I was completely lost and felt like everything was happening around me but this could have happened due to the impact of the World’s largest IMAX screen.

To enjoy the movie without disturbance from my 3 yr old boy, I made sure that he would also enjoy the movie and so I had to tell him a parallel story about Batman for his understanding of the movie with all the things that he know in his life so far…

For example, The reason why Batman was inactive for sometime is because he is the best car maker in the world and when Bane came to know about this he wanted to abandon him but the people who like him wanted him to make the best car in the world like Lighting Mcqueen but this time it should be Black in color just like Batman’s Costume. Why is Bane so bad? Ah! that is simple because he is a ‘Monster’ who cannot breathe if there are too many cars running in Gotham City.

There is nothing much to review about the movie which is accredited world wide but I felt that the movie was in a hurry as if Batman also wanted it to  be like that in some portions but as the filmmakers and writers already expected, I would say that Rises was not a flop in the trilogy but it lacks something that was expected by the Nolan’s Batman trilogy fans. This has happened with some of the previous greatest trilogy like The Godfather and The Terminator and it will be the same for any such films which marks an end to a series.

I have to watch the movie again in a theatre, preferably Sydney IMAX(for God’s sake please don’t tell me that you will get a better print in the Internet with subtitles soon) to see if I can find what I missed in the movie. It was the Nolan brothers and their screenplay that made me a fan of the Batman and I am sure that the Batman from this trilogy will be the one whom my kid will admire the most…