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Kaaviya Thalaivan; Farewell my Concubine


Kaaviya Thalaivan(Hero of a Epic), the new Tamil movie was indeed a true treat to watch on my wedding anniversary. When a friend asked if I would write about this movie, I told, “I will, if I could remember the movie until I reach home”. I actually thought that I should write about any movie only if I could remember and feel the story and the first and last scene of the movie and the impact it had on me. So without saying it is understood that this movie did have an impact on me and, yes, I could still remember those 2 scenes.

It was more of a rekindled memory that it had in me and I felt like its truly a tribute to Leslie Cheung and the crew members of the movie ‘Farewell my Concubine’ from a Tamil director. Kaaviya Thalaivan is truly a good movie to watch even though I’m not sure if the director made it after being inspired by ‘Farewell my Concubine’ or he just made it without knowing anything about the original movie (which I cannot accept after watching the first scene). All the people would try to correlate this movie with the real life characters from the South Indian ‘stage play’ period but still this reminded me scene by scene, frame by frame, the movie made in 1993 named ‘Farewell my Concubine’.

What is wrong in making a movie with a story that was already made? is a very good question to ask, as we know that at one time in life we all cross paths and also it is very easy to be inspired by a good movie. The sad part here is, if the makers really know that they were inspired by a movie then it is fair to give the credits to those movies or stories especially when you start the first few scenes similar to the original movie.

If you are not a Tamilian but has watched ‘Farewell my Concubine’ then I would strongly recommend you to watch ‘Kaaviya Thalaivan’ as well, as it shows the story of 2 characters in the legendary ‘Stage Play’ art. Prithviraj, you have again donned the screen with your presence.


Short Film: The Hand (Wong Kar Wai)


Is this a erotic movie? Definitely No… The movie is again about human emotions like any other Wong Kar Wai movie. What can we expect in a WKW movie? Great screenplay, cinematography, BG score and characterization? Yes, we can enjoy all of them in this movie with the beautiful Gong Li and handsome Chen Chang (I think he is another WKW’s preferred actor). I would have definitely loved it if I would have watched it before ‘In the mood for Love’. Chen Chang’s acting also somehow reminds me of Tony Leung’s acting in ITMFL. I felt Gong Li graced the screen with her wonderful acting and she definitely fits in any role that she takes. I watched it this time for her acting and not for Wong Kar Wai though I am a crazy fan of the later…