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How many times have I failed as a mom?!


I thought, I should write this whenever I fail as a mom so that it would make me less angry and less picky when I think that my son disappointed me.

These incidents might be childish to some parents who have mature kids and may sound cruel to some dedicated parents but I thought it would be great exercise to tell myself how I fail many times again and again as a mom but still expect my child to be perfect.My son is soon turning six and as he started KG and when I took total in-charge of his morning schedules from the time he wakes up till he is dropped at school, I realised that I have been failing at least 2-3 days a week (sometimes even more) as a mom.

24th of August, 2015:

It is dress-up as your favourite book character day at school and guess what I totally forgot about it. I didn’t plan anything at the first place because all the costumes he had are superhero and transformers costumes only so I ignored it from my mind when I got the notice 2 weeks before because I am one of those 80’s styled firm mother who don’t want to buy stuff and spoil the kid just for the sake of one day fun. I also forgot that I have read marvel comics and transformers books for him and it is OK to wear one of those costumes.

We arrived at the school’s before care and when I opened the door, guess what, (surprise for me) all the kids were dressed up in their night time onsies, some as Cinderellas, some as superheroes and some as robin hood. I thought I failed terribly in front of my child and when I looked at him who was standing beside me and looking at the kids, I couldn’t see his face and more than him, I felt like crying. He denied to enter the room and demanded to go back home. When I asked him if he know that today is dress-up day, he said, “Yes, dress up as your favourite book character”.
I checked with the carer if she has any costumes at the center and she gave me a batman cape but my son ignored to wear it and he was firm that we should go back home. I had a train to catch in the next seven minutes (yes, I was checking the time at that time, how cruel I am) and then came 2 kids from inside, one from year five or six and the other from year two and they said, “Come on in buddy, even I’m not wearing a costume, let’s say we are the school boy characters from the school book. Come on in and cheer up”. Another one said, “You really look like a Batman in that Cape, so come on in, let’s play superhero now”. My son was somehow convinced and went and sat inside.

I was really astounded by those kids and realised that I failed as a mom but as I said, I am one of those firm mom who won’t show her feelings so I said to him that I won’t be bringing back the bumblebee costume and I left the room.