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Leura – A Garden Village



Leura is pretty famous among the Blue Mountain residents who consider this village as the most beautiful place in the mountains, yes it is famous than Katoomba. We were planning to visit this place for a while and finally decided to drive around today as the temperature was forecasted to be really warm (12° C). An hour drive from home in the Great Western Highway through some of the beautiful mountain suburbs. There were only a few places marked in the websites as a must see places in Leura but since it is only few minutes away from Katoomba, we have a plenty of lookouts in this village.

We visited the Olympian Rock Lookout near the Toy & Rail museum, Gordon Falls Lookout, the famous shops in Leura like Ainsley fine jewellery, Leura fine Woodwork gallery, Moontree Scented candle shop and a hot fresh baked pie for lunch… You can never imagine walking in this town at this time of the year with no jackets but today was a warm day so we managed it. We have to note that around this time last year it was snowing in these regions.


Renommee – A recycled designer clothing shop with a beautiful Quilt shop in the same campus


Bakehouse on Wentworth – They serve yummy hot pies, coffee, cakes and special sourdough bread…

Ainsley Fine Jewellery – Their Amber collection is from Holland and indeed very beautiful.

Olympian Rock Lookout:


The craft  markets, vintage shops and boutique shops sell a lot of beautiful handmade jewellery and warm winter clothing…




Live YOUR life not others…


Hard-earned success should be enjoyed but sometimes we do not have enough time to even live that moment and we start thinking about the next mountain to climb.
Every individual has a reason to live and every one has a unique characteristic and specialty.
My mom always used to say that even a small grass which people step on, sometimes have medicinal qualities so do not ever under-estimate yourselves. If you can’t do this, you may be better in doing something else. Never compare yourself with anything/anyone else.

This is the biggest lesson I taught my son who showed signs of his first fear about life during our Japan trip. This trip taught him a lot and taught me how to handle the fears of that tender mind and bring back confidence.
Never ever compare yourself with others and never think of anyone as your competition because you will never know when one of you would change path and exit out of that and when it happens the other person who stays in the competition would feel that his/her life has become totally useless all of a sudden with no competition. 
It is the biggest damage we would cause to ourself and if it is us it applies to our kids as well.
I think all kids and adults should travel a lot especially to a unfamiliar environment and culture and it will teach us a lot.

Japan- Day 12 


The most expected day of my whole trip. We went to Tokyo station and Shibuya and did some very little shopping.

The station underground had 100’s of shops and there is a big complex in the station with 12 floors called Daimaru, selling cute and Japan stuff and food items for Tax free (but it was a bit expensive).

So many yummy cake shops… Take away Bento box shops… Looked very yummy…

Earrings made with Sakura flower petals…

Costs almost $30 AUD…

Ladies toilet in Daimaru building…

We then headed to Shibuya and walked in the world famous Shibuya crossing. Thousands of people crossing the roads at a time from four directions taking a selfie and video. The Starbucks there and first floor ofother buildings are crowded with people taking pictures of the crossing.

All this time, I wondered where I can see those world famous Japanese fashionista kids  and we finally saw all of them here. All English speaking Japanese kids, store staff, girls with super heavy foundation and make-up. It is a very good experience. The shops here ask us to wear a veil while trying clothes as the foundation and make-up might stain the clothes.

We can see the world famous Japanese fashion here… Beautiful Japanese girls whom we all envy… What more do we need… We spent the rest 4-5 hrs there and left the place just because of our 6 yr old son who started dancing to every music we hear in the street 😍

Japan-Day 11


We went to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, one of the World’s biggest fish market. We reached there at 11.45am and it was too late as the market start wrapping the fishes by 10.30am. So we went there when the market was clean.

Still managed to capture few fisherman cleaning and slicing fishes.

Japanese pottery stores that sell cheaper but quality stuff are also present in the outer market area.

We then headed to Asakusabshi, to visit the Miyuki beads store and the beads and gemstones shops.

Gemstones are expensive and are not like in China. Less variety too. We didn’t buy many beads.

After finishing beads shopping, we went to the Electronic hub in Tokyo, Akihabara.

We went to only Yadobashi Akiba and there are some 7-8 floors there and we spent 5 hrs in that shop looking at things and buying some small stuff. Again electronics is expensive or almost equivalent to what we get in Australia. So we bought only some important things.

Japan-Day 10


Tired and sick with itchy hands and wheeze.

People sometimes call me a OCD but if you get such itchy hands with terrible pain and dirty look like this won’t you be always extra careful about what you touch and where you play.

I can’t play in beach sand because I would get such itchy hands immediately. Doctors just prescribe Topical creams and tablets to avoid the itchiness like Allergy tablets. No permanent cure so far. If anyone reading this post has any suggestions, please let me know.

It was a rest day…

These pictures show the cleanest part of my hand. The fingers are badly infected on the back side of the hand.

Visited the nearby mall for lunch and bought some custom embroidered hand towels, medicines for hands and cough. I have lost my voice this time.

Japan-Day 9


We went to the 3 shrines again today as we couldn’t go inside the shrines on Day-8 ( the shrines close at 4pm). After visiting the main temple we started to Tobu to visit the Tobu world center/Square where they have miniatures of all the famous Japan sites and some of the World famous buildings from all around the World.

All the people and trees near the architectures are also small and tiny ones. The trees are all Bonsai trees and real.

I didn’t know that Kyoto and Nara had so many beautiful temples and we just planned 1 day for Kyoto and Nara together. Atleast I saw the Bamboo gardens in Kyoto which is recommended as a must visit in the Internet.

It was a scorching day and I managed to see all the architectures without fainting there.

At this time, I had severe wheezing and cough and my hands were infected with Eczema like rashes.

Japan-Day 8


We started to Nikko and visited the yumato Onsen first and then after 4pm we visited the famous three shrines at Nikko.

We spent the night at a hotel in Nikko and had a traditional Japanese dinner. I would have never spent so much for a dinner but the dinner and breakfast is part of the hotel service so enjoyed it happily.


Remember to carry a small hand kerchief and a small towel. The toilets outside the main cities don’t have hand dryers or paper towels.