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The King 2 Hearts


All that he wanted was to make her the happiest Queen in the World but what can he do being a King with Zero power and 187 IQ level. Lee Seung Gi has tried his best in this drama, the kid has shown that he can also act apart from singing. His smiles, style and gestures throughout the series are just enough to make this an entertaining drama. A very good political black comedy with Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi playing their best as North and South Korean respectively that too Lee Seung Gi as the South Korean King.

Lee Seung Gi’s acting in his other dramas are not so satisfying and so I didn’t have much expectations when I started to watch this one and I was hoping how Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi could make a perfect pair in a romantic drama when she is so much senior to him but I should say that Lee Seung Gi has really done a good job in this by improving his acting and his facial expressions and as always his good looks has helped him as a modern day King in South Korea. The Villain is kind of irritating but I guess that it was characterised that way so that the King and the ‘to be’ Queen will get more focus from the audience.

How annoying it would be to handle such a psychic villain, why don’t they have any good or better plan to handle that guy. Who will know if they kidnap the villain and torture him like what he does to the others in the drama. Why no one thought about capturing him silently when he enters the palace. Well that is why the drama got extended to 20 episodes. It is not boring but at one point I felt that it is too much that the King don’t have any good advisors to handle this annoying villain.

It may not be one of the best dramas of 2012 but it is definitely a must watch for the kid’s acting and romance and yes for all the political show that they have shown.