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Korean Hotel Dramas


It’s normal to have adopted story lines but it is too overwhelming for me to finish watching one Hotel drama and start another hotel drama immediately (where both dramas seem to share the same kind of mood) with both the dramas having cute couples in the lead roles. Finished Hotel King and started watching My secret hotel drama now…

Hotel King

Hotel King

My Secret Hotel

My Secret Hotel


2012 – How I got addicted to Korean Dramas…


The movies and dramas kept me really busy throughout the year. I got really bored watching the same type of romantic and thriller flicks from the West and so started a search on the best romantic movies in Cantonese and Mandarin due to the impact of the Asian DVD shops in my locality. I would never regret for that, because that is when I found the movie ‘In the mood for Love’ which was listed as one of the Top 10 romantic movie ever made in the Asian world. With this, my movie hunting expanded and I was completely anchored to Asian romantic movies after watching ‘Nodame Cantabile’, which is a live action drama with 11 episodes and 2 special episodes which can be considered as a movie.

After watching a lot of Chinese romantic films, when I was totally disappointed with the endings of some of them, my brother recommended ‘My Sassy Girl’ a famous Korean romantic movie. To be frank, I was not impressed with the famous Korean romantic flick and was not able to figure out what was so special about that film, may be the period when it got released was really dry in Korean cinema or may be the funny puking heroine looked cute or may be the climax.

I couldn’t convince myself to watch more Korean movies but the movie ‘Old Boy’ did change my perspective towards Korean Cinema. Again after a few back and forth to Cantonese and Japanese movies, I got reminded of the movie ‘My Sassy Girl’ and continued searching for other romantic movies and found a beautiful romantic movie world at this other side of the world. So far, in India, Korean thriller and horror movies have only got attention but my focus was completely on the romance genre. I am now totally addicted to Korean romantic movies and dramas which made my life really blissful.

Some of the romantic dramas and movies that I can never get rid of my mind are listed below with a simple reason that made me choose them specifically.

1) In the Mood for Love(Movie: Cantonese):

Mesmerising story telling on screen, Cast, On-screen performance, BGM, Direction, Cinematography. The movie was like a magic world.

2) Love Rain(Drama: Korean):

Cute and Refreshing way of presenting the drama, Minute details to the props and locations, Sountrack, BGM, JKS and his acting as In Ha and Seo Joon. The spell created by JKS made me watch this drama 3 times.

3) Nodame Cantabile(Drama: Japanese):

Rejuvenating classic music with romance. Comedy, Cast, story. On-Screen performance in live action made me wonder that a movie/drama can also be like a Anime. Chiaki and Nodame ruled a few months of my life with their excellent performance.

4) You’re Beautiful(Drama: Korean):

Capturing the modern Idol band members perfectly. Cast, Soundtrack, BGM, JKS and his eye liners and his costumes. This was the first JKS drama that I watched and I thought he is a girl. He was still so adorable.

5) April Snow(Movie: Korean):

This movie made me realize how cold it will be when it snows. Screenplay, Story, Cast. Bae Yong Joon and Son Yi Jin were truly amazing on the screen.

6) Playful Kiss(Drama: Korean):

Innocent romance and comedy. Kim Hyun Joong was really handsome in this drama especially when he smiles at Ha Ni. Characterization for the entire drama.

7) Marry me Mary(Drama: Korean):

JKS Hair Style and Moon Geun Young’s acting, Soundtrack. What could be so special in a drama which has no great story, it is the lead actor and the lead actress and their performance. This is why we say acting is more important in films because it can make an excellent story into a flop at box office hit and a flop story into something really special.

8) Secret Garden(Drama: Korean):

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won were perfect, there is no wonder why they are so famous. The character Oska was really really cute especially whenever he loses to his younger brother and just like Gil Ra Im even I was wondering why he looks happy when he loses to his younger brother in a funny way. Comedy, Cast, Location, Cinematography.

9) Chungking Express(Movie: Cantonese):

Screenplay and Story, Cast, Soundtrack, BGM, Director. Tony Leung was really a ‘Lovable Oppa’ in this movie.

10) Seducing Mr.Perfect(Movie: Korean):

Perfect sweet ending romance like in Mills and Boon stories, Characterization of the female lead.

Korean movies


I watched a few films in the last 2 days and they are all slow paced romantic drama… Il Mare, Daddy long legs and The Recipe… These 3 movies are not just romantic movies but they are much more…  The South Korean movies are so stupefying that they break all the assumptions we have while reading the story lines. I have read the story lines for most of the movies that I watched and only 1 or 2 are the same as the story line but the rest of them are all stunning either in the way they are made or in the performances…

These 3 movies are a must watch for their storyline and the performances… Il mare was remade as The Lake House in Hollywood but the Hollywood movie is nowhere near the Korean movie both in performance and style…

Movie: The classic


A very slow romantic drama… I heard that this is one of the best love stories ever told and yes it is one among the best but not the best romantic film as it very very slow paced… The lead heroine has done a good job and the remaining characters are not well portrayed… I liked the way the movie leads towards the climax… I felt that the daughter’s love story could have got equal importance in the film…

Movie: Love me not


This is a beautifully crafted Korean Romance movie… The movie may give an incomplete feel but may be this is what would happen when love strikes people with such personalities… I wouldn’t call it flawless but there are certain movies which will make us indulge more into it and this is one such film(what kind of a crap sentence is this… I miss certain friends in my life when I do such mistakes in sentence formation) Again, this is my view and some people may call it a crap movie, may be I was in a good mood while watching it…

Movie: Innocent steps


This is a Korean Romance Drama… A lovely movie with beautiful dance moves though not very professional… As usual the romance is between the dancers and you can expect all the romance scenes that are mandatory for a dance romance with a lot of comedy… She is eye-catching but not a mesmerizing beauty which is actually expected from the lead actress of such a film… He looked like young age Raj Kumar(Kannada Actor)… Though I kind of expected the climax to be in this way, I liked the movie for the climax… The romance is mainly based on how the girl feels and so guys may find it really boring but sometimes this is all a girl expects from a guy more than money, yes it is Confident Love…

Movie: A moment to remember


It is a Korean film which is again a Romantic Drama and the best of its kind…

Did I say romantic? huh, yes, it is really romantic… It was like reading a Ramanichandran Novel where everything about love would be perfect but the ending is definitely not a RC type(which is always ‘they lived happily ever after’).

Good screenplay and very good actors. Sometimes I feel that the best movies lack good actors but in this movie, I felt that the lead actors are really perfect…

I watched this movie just by reading some comment in youtube mentioning about the actress’s performance in this film and so this is one of those foreign language movies that I watched without reading the storyline and I was not sure what was waiting for me… After watching a few mins, I thought that I have picked a Chick flick by mistake but it is more than that… Not sure if I will be able to come out of the mood it has created… I feel like a Zombie now…

Again, I can recommend it only if you like watching or planning to watch a tragedy romantic Drama…

Movie: April Snow


This is a famous Korean movie(but I really got to know about it while casually browsing for some good Korean Drama genre) and the actor Bae Yong Jun is one of the famous and the most liked actor in Korea as per the websites…

What I felt about this movie… After reading the plot I realised I am going to watch a movie trying to imitate Wong Kar Wai’s ‘In the mood for Love’ and yes it is kind of same but different in the own way of film making… One thing that I found common between the 2 films is that they have very less dialogues between the main lead roles and the climax is left upto to the audience to decide what the director meant to say… This movie has very less BG music which makes it a very silent and a slow paced Drama…

This is the 2nd movie in which I didn’t feel furious while watching an illicit relationship justified on the screen…

Worth watching if you like the self-explore type of climax in a slow paced, less dialogue drama…