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Japan- Day 12 


The most expected day of my whole trip. We went to Tokyo station and Shibuya and did some very little shopping.

The station underground had 100’s of shops and there is a big complex in the station with 12 floors called Daimaru, selling cute and Japan stuff and food items for Tax free (but it was a bit expensive).

So many yummy cake shops… Take away Bento box shops… Looked very yummy…

Earrings made with Sakura flower petals…

Costs almost $30 AUD…

Ladies toilet in Daimaru building…

We then headed to Shibuya and walked in the world famous Shibuya crossing. Thousands of people crossing the roads at a time from four directions taking a selfie and video. The Starbucks there and first floor ofother buildings are crowded with people taking pictures of the crossing.

All this time, I wondered where I can see those world famous Japanese fashionista kids  and we finally saw all of them here. All English speaking Japanese kids, store staff, girls with super heavy foundation and make-up. It is a very good experience. The shops here ask us to wear a veil while trying clothes as the foundation and make-up might stain the clothes.

We can see the world famous Japanese fashion here… Beautiful Japanese girls whom we all envy… What more do we need… We spent the rest 4-5 hrs there and left the place just because of our 6 yr old son who started dancing to every music we hear in the street 😍


Japan-Day 2


Famous Asakusa Sensoji Temple…

The shopping street that leads to the temple is so crowded and busy and like the South Indian temple streets with shops on both the sides… Yummy warm fresh made Japanese cakes with potato and red bean fillings are a must to have while we visit Asakusa Sensoji.

We missed the Koshikawa Korakuen which was in our list for the day. The gates closed by the time we reached there…

Went back home with lots of snacks from the Temple streets…

Crowded shopping street in front of the temple entrance.

Food displays… I am seeing a lot of this pretend food kept as displays in all the shops… Very tempting looks that would trigger our mind and make us feel more hungry.

From Sensoji gardens.

Warm fresh made Japanese cake with filling.

Diwali season is shopping season


It’s Diwali festival season in India. I should have started my shopping by now but unfortunately due to my unexpected dental surgery, I am held arrested at home by my family and banned from visiting shops. Still I managed to do a quick shopping in Lifestyle the day before the surgery. The collections have improved and the prices are affordable too.

I prefer to visit Silk saree shops for this season and was checking some ads in the magazines. Tamilnadu Silk sarees are well known around the world for its quality, purity, styles and colours. Posting some pictures here.


Photo credits: RMKV


Photo credits: RMKV


Photo credits: The Chennai silks


Photo credits: RMKV