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Tomorrow’s Cantabile a.k.a. Naeil’s Cantabile


I really couldn’t believe that they remade Nodame Cantabile in Korea.
Nodame Cantabile is one of my most favourite Manga series, Anime and live action drama. Live-action Chiaki (Tamaki Hiroshi) and Nodame (Ueno Juri) have been a great pair in my eyes and many of their fans would agree. Why did they remake such a famous drama with Joo Won and Sim Eun Kyeong. Eun Kyeong has tried a lot to act like Nodame (still I can’t compare her with Ueno Juri) but Joo Won, who is a actor for more serious genre, is definitely a wrong choice in the place of Tamaki Hiroshi in this drama.

Also, the first episode failed to impress me due to the missing funny elements like, the funny Mongoose that comes in the title song, wrong choice of the actor for Mine-the concert master of S Orchestra, last but the most important, where is the music? Isn’t ‘Cantabile’ a word that represents the music that accompany the male, female lead and us throughout the drama. Mozart’s piano sonata for 2 pianos played in this drama failed to impress me in the first episode.

Would I stop watching this drama? No.
I love the manga storyline so much that I have read the Manga more than 5 times, watched the anime many times, watched the live-action ‘n’ number of times so I would probably continue to watch this drama as well even though it is a remake.


Nodame Cantabile, my drawing