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Japan-Day 8


We started to Nikko and visited the yumato Onsen first and then after 4pm we visited the famous three shrines at Nikko.

We spent the night at a hotel in Nikko and had a traditional Japanese dinner. I would have never spent so much for a dinner but the dinner and breakfast is part of the hotel service so enjoyed it happily.


Remember to carry a small hand kerchief and a small towel. The toilets outside the main cities don’t have hand dryers or paper towels.


Japan – Day 6


We allocated the whole day for Kyoto and Nara but at the end realised that just to see all the temples and shrines in Kyoto would take 2 days. It is a very beautiful place.

Kyoto is like Tanjore in South India. Not sure if I can compare them like that but it is so crowded with Shrines.

Since I was havin high fever, we started only at noon from our hotel and directly went to see the Bamboo Garden. After getting down at the station, there is a bicycle hire place within 50m from the station. We wanted to mainly see the Bamboo Garden but since my little boy was also tired, we hired bicycles and it’s worth it. We could cover all the streets and shrines within the next 4hrs in this suburb (??). It is a very beautiful place and riding a bicycle after 15 years was really worth it.

Don’t miss the tax free shops in the basement mall where they sell the Kyoto famous sweets. I couldn’t buy or eat anything as my sweet tongue was also down with fever and cold.