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Japan-Day 9


We went to the 3 shrines again today as we couldn’t go inside the shrines on Day-8 ( the shrines close at 4pm). After visiting the main temple we started to Tobu to visit the Tobu world center/Square where they have miniatures of all the famous Japan sites and some of the World famous buildings from all around the World.

All the people and trees near the architectures are also small and tiny ones. The trees are all Bonsai trees and real.

I didn’t know that Kyoto and Nara had so many beautiful temples and we just planned 1 day for Kyoto and Nara together. Atleast I saw the Bamboo gardens in Kyoto which is recommended as a must visit in the Internet.

It was a scorching day and I managed to see all the architectures without fainting there.

At this time, I had severe wheezing and cough and my hands were infected with Eczema like rashes.