I am a software professional, a beader, a knitter, a crafter, a henna artist, a painter, an artist and a traveler and I do pretty much anything that impress me in my day to day life so my interests are all around the place. If I do something for a long time then that means it impressed me the most in my life and all of the above that I have listed have impressed me a lot.

I am a big movie buff and have watched a lot of movies, I bet everyone will say this but I am this rare kind of species who will even forget the story line of ‘Terminator’ kind of movies and watch them again and again (so now I have a reason to watch more and more movies(uffff!!!!).

I like to speak a lot and I have so much to speak to the world but sometimes things go wrong even when I speak a word.  I love those people who like me for what I am. Well, I should thank my friend who encouraged me saying, “You will enjoy writing blogs”, so finally I ended up here.

I write a lot about movies but no movie reviews…

I like to be a fashion blogger even though I am not a high end fashionista…

I like to write about my travel experiences…

I like to write about India as an Indian…

I like to write about books because I love reading books…

I like to bead and knit and crochet and I love to post my pics and sometimes some experiences based on that…

I like to write about art, not now, in the future when I actually paint my own painting that could be displayed publicly.


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